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Invitation to celebrate the University of Pretoria's Water Related Knowledge
17 October 2013

A research awareness event presented by the University of Pretoria’s Water Institute
28 and 29 October 2013
Sanlam Auditorium (Hatfield Campus), University of Pretoria

The Water Institute of the University of Pretoria invites you to a knowledge-sharing event where results from a wide range of water-related studies will be presented and discussed. The width and depth of water research undertaken by the university is reflected by the number of diverse water-related scientific publications published in highly reputable scientific journals. A recent Water Research Commission (WRC) study indicates the University of Pretoria to be at the top of the country’s most prolific institutions in the field of water research (the university produced 287 such publications as recorded from 1990 to 2010)*. During 2012, about 50 water-related publications were recorded. This clearly reflects on the university‘s on-going focus on finding solutions to Africa’s water challenges. These publications address a wide range of key issues, while providing scientific depth.

During the knowledge-sharing event, highly recognised researchers from the University of Pretoria will share with you their research findings, addressing topics ranging from water and public health to water and society. At the end of each session time will be allocated for active discussions and debates.

While celebrating its achievements in the field of water research, the University of Pretoria wishes to acknowledge and thank the research funding agencies, partners and collaborators whose support enable many of these research studies.

* A Pulse Study on the State of Water Research Development in South Africa. A Pouris, 2012, WRC Report No.2199/1/12

RSVP: Nandipha Ndabana before or on 18 October 2013 , Tel: 012-420-3536

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