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FANRPAN Participates in the COMESA Regional Engagement on Post- harvest Losses Management
20 May 2013

The COMESA Regional Engagement on Post - harvest Losses Management was organized by the FAO, COMESA and the African Union Commission and convened in Lusaka, Zambia 14-16 May, 2013 hosted by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Hon. Robert Sichinga, MP.

Participants were from COMESA member states and regional private sector trade organisations. The objectives of the meeting were a) Sharing of information on Post- harvest losses, b) Improvement of CAADP Investment Plans with regards to coverage of post-harvest losses issues, c) Development of a clear direction and follow up actions. The recommendations of the meeting were to examine sector/commodity policy. The value chain approach would be used because post-harvest losses occur at different points along the value chain. Identification of intervention points along the value chain with special focus on the weakest link was recommended. This methodology was the one in which one was likely to get the greatest benefit on intervention.

It was important to examine existing institutional and regulatory frameworks and put in place appropriate ones. Capacity building of actors is expected to be a continuous process which will include entrepreneurial / business skills. Another priority area was the strengthening of private sector/ farmer organization value chain platforms. Participants at this workshop recommended that this should become an annual workshop.

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