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Empowering youth in utilising untapped aquaculture opportunities for aquaculture development
18 February 2013

Some youths presented their innovations while others presented on behalf of their organisations. One of the aquaculture stakeholders at the symposium commended youth contributions saying that the youth of this generation presented a more practical approach to addressing aquaculture related questions. He further commented saying that it was probably because trainings in fish farming were more emphasised in Uganda today due to the current reduction of fish stocks in natural water bodies.

However, the number of youth that are able to contribute to aquaculture development is still minimal due to the following challenges:

  • Lack of experience: Majority of youth do not have practical experience in fish farming practices.
  • Mindset: Most youth prefer engaging in office jobs instead of fish farming. For example some fisheries graduates rarely envision aquaculture as a highly practical field profession and sometimes flee to other professions.
  • Incentives: Incentives of being employed on fish farms are often not motivational enough for youth to continue engaging in aquaculture. For example the wages or salaries are often small as compared to the amount of labour invested. Furthermore, working on fish farms rarely provides capacity building opportunities like further education for youth.

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