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The era of man-made climate change
12 October 2012

  1. Findings of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor Report, 2nd Edition, reveal unprecedented harm to human society and current economic development.

    The Climate Vulnerability Monitor measures the global impact of climate change and the carbon economy at a national level. It calculates and compares the vulnerability for 184 countries in four areas of impact, namely environmental disasters, habitat change, health impact and industry stress, using 34 climate and carbon related indicators. The monitor uses five levels of vulnerability, from acute to low, to compare and contrast nations. The first Monitor was launched in 2010 to assess the effects of global climate change on nations up to 2030. It uses current peer-reviewed scientific research, in-country field research and critical input from two separate external advisory bodies.

    You may download the full report or parts thereof at:

  2. Guido van Langenhove (Windhoek, Namibia) "Climate Change and Vulnerability - A Handbook for Southern Africa", compiled by the 'Council for Scientific and Industrial Research' (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa. You may download this report at

  3. Scott Keyworth from the 'Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation' (CSIRO) in Canberra, Australia, "Impacts of Climate Change on Future Water Availability in Botswana", which you may download from the SADC-ICP Collaboration Portal at:

  4. 'Africa Geographic' have now made "Bending the Curve - Your guide to tackling climate change in South Africa" available as a free e-book. You may download it at

  5. Speaking climate change and water variability that is floods and droughts, you may download the eWater, Australia's national hydrological modelling platform. This website features, amongst others, a kit of water and environmental management tools and resources as well as a download site on "Guidelines for water management modelling: Towards best-practice model application".

  6. Research titled "Shrinking of fishes exacerbates impacts of global ocean changes on marine ecosystems" suggests that global warming impedes the growth of fish, in particular in tropical oceans. Check the following link out to read the report online:

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