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Registration for Forest Day 6 is now open
2 December 2012

Join us on the sidelines of COP18 in Doha for one of the world's top forest and climate change conferences.
Seats are very limited this year so register now.

This year's conference will prove to be one of the most thought-provoking as we flip traditional modes of thinking to uncover new ways of solving old problems. Much of the thinking about forests has been centered around the negatives - too many times, we find ourselves asking what drives deforestation; what promotes forest degradation? Discussions seeking solutions to forestry problems have less often looked at the positives - what are the factors that drive sustainable management of forests; what drives societies to choose to conserve forests? By re-framing the discussion on forests to focus on the positive, we can begin to look for solutions that are mutually-beneficial.

Forest Day 6 will examine the motivations for the sustainable management of forests - how can such management be encouraged and incentivised; what policies lead to successful sustainable management; and what lessons can be drawn from countries that have successfully transitioned away from deforestation and degradation.

Under the banner of "Living Landscapes", which refers to the interconnections between forests and agriculture and their impacts on people and society, Forest Day 6 will kick off the first of two popular conferences on the sidelines of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's (UNFCCC) annual Conference of the Parties. Forest Day 6 will be followed by the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security's (CCAFS) Agricultural Landscapes and Livelihoods Day 5 slated for December 3 at the same venue.

We look forward to welcoming you to Forest Day 6.

Forest Day 6 Committee

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