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Borlaug Global Rust Initiative announcement
3 October 2012

Noel Vietmeyer, author of Our Daily Bread: The Essential Norman Borlaug, is generously offering his book for free during this week through The hardcover version costs $27, but through October 5 he is making the e-book version available for free.
The e-book is formatted for Kindle readers and free reading applications for computers, tablets, and smart phones.
I urge you to take advantage of this great offer. Spread the word to help keep Norman Borlaug present in our minds as we work to fulfill his mission to feed the peoples of the world.

Note: if you prefer a hardcover version of the book, the author is offering it at a discount if you contact him directly. See the end of his message below.

(From Noel Vietmeyer)

A year ago I published the 300-page hardback called Our Daily Bread; The Essential Norman Borlaug. Readers rave over it, and have bought more than 2000 copies.

A month ago I released a digital version and, to create more awareness for Norm Borlaug and his uplifting story, I've sold in on Amazon for 99 cents. Already 150 copies have been downloaded.

However, Norm's story is so important that anyone who downloads it next week can get it for FREE. The $0.00 e-book price will appear on the Amazon website roughly at midnight Monday October 1 and it will be taken down around midnight Friday October 5 (PST). The e-book price will then soar to a budget-busting $2.99!

Hope you'll let friends, family, colleagues, students, acquaintances and strangers know. This is a chance to start spreading the word of a greatagriculturist whom few people know but almost everyone on earth benefits from every day.

This book will put readers ahead of the curve. Soon the US House of Represent­atives will install a statue to Norm. And hopefully more new recognitions will follow.

We shouldn't let Norm fade away into history. During his life he received the highest honors from the Congress and the White House as well as the Nobel Prize for Peace. That trifecta of public esteem has been achieved by only five other persons: Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Elie Wiesel, and Aung San Suu Kyi. Now it's time to get the humble agriculturist who made it possible to feed today's 7 billion people when formerly we could barely feed 3 billion as beloved as those five almost beatified figures whose status in the forefront of public consciousness is secure.

Our Daily Bread; the Essential Norman Borlaug can help kick start that process. It has been dubbed "The World's First Cereal Thriller." At Amazon the 300-page hardback costs $27.00, but From October 1 to October 5 the digital version will be free. You can see it at:

On that webpage you can "Look Inside" this romp through an American farm boy's struggles, adventures, heartbreaks, and eventual success at feeding a huge portion of humanity. As a Hunger Fighter, Norm proved a real-life Indiana Jones, and his life story potentially can captivate, uplift, and inspire millions the way Martin Luther King Jr. and the others do.

Please note that essentially everyone can access this e-book, which works on Kindles, computers, tablets and smartphones.

Noel Vietmeyer Lorton, Virginia

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