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11 April 2012

Kofi Annan recently stated that Africa's agricultural sector is 'poised to be so much more productive and dynamic'. Analysis of the macro-economic indicators and national agricultural production data seem to bear this statement out but does it hold true for the livestock sub-sector?

If the above statement is true for livestock, which production systems or services are poised to flourish and where? If it does not hold true, what are the solutions to the key constraints holding the sub-sector back?

These are some of the important questions that GALVmed's Impetus Strategy Paper tackles. The Paper is not prescriptive. It draws upon the opinions of a wide range of organisations and key informants to highlight important areas that will help build a productive and dynamic livestock sector in Africa; a sub-sector that benefits both small and resource poor farmers along with national governments, small and medium size businesses and trans-national companies.

The Impetus Strategy Paper puts forward ideas on the direction Africa's livestock sector needs to take to maximise prospects for African livestock farmers, based on evidence and opinion from Sub Saharan Africa.

Some of the ideas will resonate with people, as there are already existing policies in certain regions, organisations and countries. However in many cases, even if they are deemed to be sound, there may be difficulties in scaling them up across Sub Saharan Africa. The author is aware that with the wide range of production and eco-systems across Sub Saharan Africa there will be omissions, underestimation, exaggeration and possibly errors in the paper. These are all open for discussion.

The e-discussion provides an opportunity for livestock experts to give their opinion about the ideas contained in the paper and strengthen it as it is presented to various events across the continent. In June 2012 GALVmed will release a complementary economic analysis of Africa's livestock sector.

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