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Inaugural Afric's Public Officials Energy and Environment Workshop 2012
Venue: St George Hotel, Centurion
6 March 2012 - 8 March 2012

Outline of the Workshop

Today, a number of sources of power have been discovered but for the most part, energy and power related literature is couched in technical jargons. This workshop is deemed necessary following the realisation of the compelling need to make energy and environment concepts accessible to non-technical policy makers who require sufficient knowledge of energy and the environment to formulate relevant policy that would adequately cater for both energy provision, maintenance and its impact on the environment.

The Centre for Energy and Electric Power (CEEP), Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at Tshwane University of Technology, announces its inaugural annual workshop on Energy and the Environment for Africa's Public Officers.

Progressively, activities that border on developing new sources of energy have been shown to have direct and potentially degenerative impact on the environment globally. Some of the problems identified can be solved or mitigated at the level of policy making and by regulation. However, this calls for policymakers to have a reasonable knowledge of Energy and the Environment. Consequently, it is imperative for scientists to clearly translate technical terms into understandable language that can help policy makers in their deliberation processes, which will help them make informed decisions for their constituents at local, regional and national levels.

In addition to dealing with the language of technology, the Workshop will attempt to highlight some of the social and political issues that can aid government responses to matters relating to Energy and the Environment. The Workshop will adopt a case study methodology and focus on participatory engagement and knowledge sharing and dissemination. The format will include presentations from experts from various parts of the continent as well as more developed countries about how they have managed to deal with problems relating to energy and the environment and the lessons learnt in the process.

The aim of the workshop is to create awareness around energy and the environment and to build capacity among Africa's government officials and political office holders in energy and electric power, and to discuss how the energy sector interacts with and impacts the environment.

If interested to attend this three day workshop please complete the registration form at the end of this document.

It will be a privilege to host you and other delegates from your organisation/institution in Tshwane, South Africa and at the same time discussing and debating critical important global issues.

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