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National dialogue on integration of the Makerere University Climate Change Activities into the national climate change programmes
Report of a consultative workshop to seek approaches to intensify integration of Makerere University Climate Change and other agricultural policy information into national development agenda
October 2011

Makerere University in partnership with various stakeholders is implementing a project on climate change aimed at strengthening capacity of the Uganda for resilience to climate change. The project involves among others enhancing the role of Makerere University in policy information with regard to climate change. The focus of policy information by Makerere University is with regard to the agriculture and natural resources sub-sectors of the economy.

As one of the initial steps to ensure that University and its stakeholders engage in policy dialogue a consultative workshop was held on 15 September in Uganda. The workshop involved active participation of the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN). The aim of the workshop was two fold:
  1. To dialogue with Ugandan stakeholders about ongoing actvities in the Makerere University climate change project especially on strategies to improve imformation and knowledge sharing.
  2. To discuss options for intensifying Uganda's policy dialogue especially in the food agriculture and natural resources sub-sectors through creation of a policy dialogure node affilited to FANRPAN.
The meeting involved various stakeholders drawn from the food, agriculture and natural resources sub-sector institutions of the economy. Overall more than 15 different institutions including govrenmant line ministries, (Agriculture, water and Environment, Finance), The Parliament of Uganda, local government agencies, private sector-manufacturing institutions, civil society organisations, farmer organisations, the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) institutes, public and private universities as well as various critical stakeholders and opinion leaders.

The key outcomes of the workshop were the following resolutions:
  1. Makerere University Climate Change programm is a critical stakeholder needed to build capacity for resilience to climate change. These efforts should however be integrated into other national undertakings being led by the Climate Change Unit of the Ministry of Water and the Environment Uganda.
  2. At national level, Climate Change actvities are being coordinated by the Climate Change Unit of the ministry of water and environment. The Climate Change Unit manages a forum that draws various stakeholders who meet to dialogue on policy issues. Makerere University while represented in National Climate Change Forum needs to diversify its membership by including membership from the College of Agricultural and Environmental.
  3. Makerere University and the Ministry of agriculture should use their knowledge vantage to influence policy dialogues during the national climate change forum dialogues.
  4. Policy dialogue in the Food Agriculture and natural resources sub-sectors be intensified through formal partnerships with the FANRPAN. Makerere University should take leadership of this particular resolution offering secretariat services.

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