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Canadian Deputy Minister of Environment Visits FANRPAN Offices
8 September 2011

On 7 September 2011 the Canadian Deputy Minister of Environment, Honourable Paul Boothe visited the FANRPAN offices. He was accompanied by Ms Christina Paradiso: Senior Policy Advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister and Mr Patrick Cram, Second Secretary (Political/Economic Affairs) of the High Commission of Canada, who is based in Pretoria, South Africa.

The CEO of FANRPAN, Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, briefed him on the role of FANRPAN, especially as far as climate change initiatives are concerned. FANRPAN, as the local organizing committee on Agricultural and Rural Development Day (ARDD), a side event of CoP 17, also briefed the Deputy Minister on the latest developments regarding ARDD 2011.

The discussion by FANRPAN involved issues around:
  • Overview of FANRPAN and FANRPAN modus operandi
  • History of ARDD and objectives of ARDD
  • Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies such as Conservation Agriculture and micro dosing related to fertilizer application
  • A repository of knowledge ("knowledge box") Initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Financing of initiatives in Africa and access to the Green Climate Fund
  • Livelihoods and how climate change initiatives can be beneficial at local level
  • The SECCAP project supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) through the African Adaptation Research Centres (AARC) initiative
  • Government of Canada’s Fast-Start Climate Finance funding
Honourable Paul Boothe gave FANRPAN a Canadian perspective of climate change initiatives and thanked FANRPAN for the presentation and the interactive meeting. The Deputy Minister will submit reports to the Canadian Minister of Environment as well as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Profile of Hon. Paul Boothe

Honourable Paul Boothe was appointed Deputy Minister of Environment Canada on July 26, 2010. Previous to this, he served as Senior Associate Deputy Minister of Industry Canada for three years. Prior to joining the department of Industry, he taught macroeconomics, public economics and international finance at the University of Alberta and was a Fellow of the Institute for Public Economics.

His public service experience includes serving as the Associate Deputy Minister and G7 Deputy for Canada with the Department of Finance, as well as the Deputy Minister of Finance and Secretary of Treasury Board for the Government of Saskatchewan. He has published widely on public policy issues and has been a visiting scholar at Queen's University, the University of Tasmania, and the Alberta Treasury. He was a C.D. Howe Institute Fellow-in-Residence and an EnCana Scholar in Public Policy. Paul Boothe received his undergraduate training in economics at the University of Western Ontario and his doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia..
Dr Sibanda briefs the Deputy Minister Dr Sibanda introduces FANARPAN staff members
Hon. Paul Boothe addresses FANRPAN staff members

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