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Seed Certification Workshop
30 August 2011 - 1 September 2011

Introduction-Harmonized Seed Security Project
FANRPAN hosted a Harmonized Seed Security Project (HaSSP) Seed Certification workshop at the Farm Inn with delegates from the four pilot countries of Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Participants to the workshop comprised of national seed authorities, seed Inspection and seed testing experts, as well as representatives of the national seed trade associations. Two key note papers and country status papers from all the project countries were presented. Workshop participants had an opportunity to visit Plantovita laboratory facility as well as the Official Seed Testing laboratory in Pretoria. Participants found the laboratory visits very informative.

What were the objectives to the Workshop?
The objectives of the workshop included;
  • Establishing a HaSSP Technical Working Group on Seed Certification;
  • Initiate seed certification policy analysis, review and amendment in the four pilot countries, so as to align national legislation and practice to the SADC protocol;
  • Sharing of key findings from the HaSSP seed certification audit; and
  • Developing a road map with regards to implementing the use of common terminologies, labels, certificates and seals.
What are the outcomes from the Workshop?
The workshop enabled;
  • The establishment of a HaSSP technical working group which will focus on harmonisation and standardization in seed certification;
  • Identification of gaps in the SADC region for better implementation of the seed certification system;
  • Development of a draft training curriculum for capacity building of seed analysts and seed inspectors; and
  • Development of a road map for domestication of the SADC protocol on seed certification.
Participants at the workshop
A Presentation in progress Attentive delegates

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