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CAADP: A toolkit for civil society, organisation, engagement and advocacy
24 June 2011
Research By Steve Tibbett

African agriculture, development and CAADP
African agriculture is at a crossroads. It is widely recognised as the most important sector in the continent with the potential to lift millions out of chronic poverty, food insecurity and hunger. Yet, for decades agriculture has stagnated, suffering from underinvestment, poor policies and incoherent strategies. Meanwhile, more than 250 million Africans remain food insecure. Governments in Africa spend less than 7% of their national budgets on agriculture despite the fact that 75% of poor people live in rural areas. Women farmers and smallholder farmers remain particularly under-supported. CAADP is a recently-ignited process dating back to 2003. It is an attempt to do something about agricultural productivity and growth, and aims to transform policy and practice, as to improve, coordination, knowledge and ways of working. But without the know-how, critical analysis and scrutiny of civil society groups and farmersí organisations, CAADP may end up reinforcing existing trends and fall short of expectations.

About this toolkit
CAADP rhetoric prioritises African ownership, inclusiveness and civil society. ActionAid has developed this toolkit for civil society organisations such as womenís groups, farmersí organisations and NGOs at the national and below-national (district and local) level. CAADP is an increasingly important driver of change in the African continent, and although progress is patchy is has wide and growing political backing, including from donors. The toolkit is not intended to be a comprehensive assessment of opportunity to influence CAADP processes in every country. Neither is it intended for ActionAid staff or partners specifically (although it will hopefully be helpful to these groups). Rather, it is intended as generic guide to help organisations and groups understand the basics of CAADP processes and help them think through their response and potential engagement. The toolkit is intended to be relatively simple in terms of language and terminology, but inevitably when unpacking this kind of framework, there is some trade-off between brevity and unpacking technical terms.

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