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Harmonized Seed Security (HaSSP) Community Seed Projects Training Workshop Report: Zimbabwe
January 2011
Nelson Munyaka, Tineyi Chakanyuka, Louisa D M Makumbe and Bekezela Dube

The following HASSP Project Team members visited Fuve Panganai Irrigation scheme on 20 December 2010:

Dr I Mharapara, Mr C Majaju, T Chakanyuka, L Makumbe, N Munyaka and M Mutema. The team was accompanied by local Agritex officials who included Mr K Pedzisai the D.A.E.O for Zaka and Mr Chishiri the district crop specialist.

The visit to the site had the following objectives:
  1. Familiarisation of area by project staff
  2. Conducting pre-planting training for farmers on groundnuts
  3. Give farmers overview and desired project objectives
  4. Provide key critical requirements for seed production to farmers
Fuve Panganai is the largest Irrigation Scheme in Zaka District and it is located in ward 15. The 300 hectare scheme consists of 4 blocks (see table below) that are gravity fed and draws water from Siya Dam with ZINWA as the responsible authority. There are 346 beneficiaries their distribution shown in table.

The meeting at Section C of Fuve Panganai was attended by 34 farmers composed of 13 males and 21 females. The local area extension staff mobilised for and coordinated the meeting.

Dr I Mharapara kicked gave an overview of the HASSP project and the relationship it has with the project at Fuve Panganai Irrigation Scheme. He also explained that the team for the project will identify a private partner immediately who will purchase the groundnuts at the end of the season. He also highlighted the importance for farmers to take project seriously as it will be the learning site for whole country.

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