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Malawi CAADP Dialogue Platform - Report
March 2011

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and share experiences amongst None State Actors (NSA) in Malawi and to establish where Malawi is on CAADP implementation and to help NSA identify investment opportunities that arise from CAADP. The purpose of the meeting was to also encourage partnerships and synergy amongst NSAs in Malawi.

The facilitator of the workshop was Mr Peter Jere a consultant based in Malawi.The chairpersons were Mr Prince Kapondamgaga, the CEO of Malawi Farmers Union who chaired the morning session and Mr Mwendo Phiri who chaired the afternoon session. The following were some objectives of the Dialogue:
  • The inclusion of Non State Actors (NSAs) in the CAADP Country Team
  • To encourage partnerships and the desire to work together of different stakeholders within the CAADP process in Malawi
  • To highlight investment opportunities and the benefit of partnerships across different sectors within the CAADP process
  • To recognize and address the challenges of working together
  • To encourage NSA to share ownership of the CAADP process and align themselves with national efforts to increase agricultural productivity.
The presentations focused on the country progress on CAADP, the investment opportunities that arise from CAADP; enhancing the role and participation of NSAs amongst others.

The Workshop focused on shared understanding of the progress made in Malawi. The workshop also enabled stakeholder groupings to think on how to implement the ASWAp through identification of action points. It also enabled the delegates to take actions that should be implemented immediately. Although the attendance was not good, the quality of debate was however good. NSAs are fairly organized and focused in Malawi. CISANET represents NGOs and civil society whilst the Malawi Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents the private sector. Judging from the low attendance from the private sector, one could conclude that the MCCI is not interested in CISANET.

The recommendations from the workshop will be shared with the Malawi government through an advisory note. CISANET will coordinate and monitor actions or recommendations by all stakeholders by August 2011.

The expected outcomes of the meeting were as follows:
  • A unified approach of all stakeholders within the CAADP process.
  • Cooperation between the government and NSA
  • Transparency in the implementation of the CAADP process
  • Investment opportunities that are beneficial to all role players with the process
  • Progress on the implementation of CAADP in Malawi
The Nation, Malawi's biggest newspaper; Daily Times; Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) and Zodiac radio station were amongst the media groups invited to the workshop. The Nation and Zodiac Radio Station interviewed Mr Luhangawho gave a key note address on behalf of the Principal Secretary (PS II), Dr E Maganga. Over and above Mr Luhanga's interview, a media release was issued to most media houses in Malawi. The media release was posted in the FANRPAN web site too. Times published the story the following day.

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