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Madagascar CAADP roundtable meetings
Antananarivo, Madagascar
1 March 2011 - 2 March 2011

Fungayi Simbi and Ian Mashingaidze conducted national roundtables on the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and PAEPARD (Platform for Africa and European partnership in Agriculture Research and Development) in Madagascar on 1 and 2 March 2011. The meetings were attended by over forty people from government, farmersí and womenís organisations, research institutes, universities, private sector and the national multi-donor platform.

The CAADP roundtable held on 1 March discussed the progress of the CAADP process in Madagascar, share best practices and lessons from other countries, and developed recommendations on the way forward. The meeting was officially opened by the Permanent Secretary for Agriculture, Mr Rakotoson Philibert, who said that Africa needs a Green Revolution to be able to feed its people. The continent has the resources to be able to do this, referring to Africaís abundant land and manpower. But certain imperatives are required to be in place for this to be possible, for example access to credit, technology and markets, and most importantly, relevant and supportive national policies.

In 2008, Madagascar started developing Sector Wide Agricultural Programme (SWAP) for Agriculture, and also did some national consultations on CAADP Pillar 4, but the process had been disrupted by political unrest. There is an urgent need to start the process again. The success stories on the progress of Rwanda and Uganda in implementing the CAADP process was shared with the meeting. The Madagascar stakeholders agreed to set up a CAADP Country Team soon to get the CAADP process back on track, and also to undertake learning exchange visits to countries that had progressed most with their CAADP processes.

The PAEPARD meeting held on 2 March discussed the project whose objective is to build joint African-European multi-stakeholder partnerships in agricultural research for development contributing to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The project also aims to move from the currently largely supply-driven approach in Agriculture Research Development (ARD) towards a demand-driven approach. During the consultations different categories of stakeholders (researchers, farmers, private agro-business, non-governmental organizations) deliberated on their priority needs and research areas in which they need to develop partnerships.

The FANRPAN also team paid courtesy calls on the government of Madagascarís Secretaries-General (Permanent Secretaries) for the Ministries of Agriculture (Mr Philibert Rakotoson), Livestock (Dr Arsene Ralambofiringa), and Fisheries (Mr Georges Rafomanana).

Madagascar has been a member of the FANRPAN Network since 2008.

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