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FANRPAN 2011 Node Common Visioning Workshop
Mbabane, Swaziland
22 February 2011 - 23 February 2011

The node common visioning workshop was held on the 22 - 23 February 2011 in Mbabane, Swaziland. The purpose of the meeting was to create a platform for the nodes to interface with the Regional Secretariat office. The meeting served to inform the Secretariat about concerns and challenges encountered by nodes in their respective countries. The node common visioning workshop was also a good platform to review the previous year's Dialogue held in Windhoek, Namibia and to plan for the forthcoming Regional Dialogue which will be held in Swaziland In September.

The following were the resolutions taken at the workshop:
  1. Constitution Issues
    • Review draft constitution amendments as agreed at the 2010 AGM. It was agreed that the response be submitted by 30 March 2011
    • Regarding the suspension of the Namibian node, it was agreed that FANRPAN Regional Office (RO) formally visit the Government of Namibia to discuss the suspension of this regional node.

  2. Regional Office Issues
    • Nodes to provide e-mail addresses for node contacts and national Steering Committee members
    • Swaziland and RO should confirm dates for the 2011 Regional Dialogue and AGM
    • RO should circulate AGM minutes to Node and Steering Committee members once finalised
    • Regional Secretariat should send monthly reports to the Nodes and Steering Committees. Nodes should in turn circulate these reports to national network members
    • FANRPAN should commission an outside company to do a financial audit by March 2011
    • It was also resolved that there should be translation of documents and interpretation from English to French and Portuguese at FANRPAN meetings and
    • That RO should invest in French and Portuguese language skills

  3. Node Issues
    • It was agreed that nodes should review and provide comments on minutes of 2010 AGM by 30 March 2011
    • Nodes should give notice to RO regarding membership fees by March 2011
    • It was resolved that Mauritius; Zimbabwe; Malawi and DRC would be the node committee for 2011 Regional Dialogue
    • FANRPAN constitutional amendments were noted
    • Delegates noted the decision to accept Uganda in the network following the constitutional amendments
    • It was also resolved that the new FANRPAN brand should be adopted and launched by July 2011
    • FANRPAN to do due diligence on Uganda on potential node host
    • It was also resolved that there should be PIVA training of trainers and Mr Bruno L Araujo from Mozambique, Mr Connex Masankhidwe from Malawi, Dr Isaiah Mharapara from Zimbabwe, Mr Lunogelo from Tanzania, Ms Pinkie Kebakile from Botswana, and Mr Zoole Newa from Zambia expressed interest to that effect
    • National PIVAS should identify priority capacity gaps in training manual and to
    • Improve linkage and communication with Ministry of Agriculture (Steering Committee to present call by Ministers of Agriculture)

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