Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

Rockefeller Grantees Convening
Nairobi, Kenya
24 February 2011 - 25 February 2011

FANRPAN is a Rockefeller Foundation Grantee for the project Building Climate Change Resilience in Africa's Agricultural Research Programs. The project explores the opportunity of bridging the gap by stimulating an interface between climate scientists, agricultural researchers, policymakers and development planners to develop local perspectives on climate proofing agriculture research. The project is an 18 months (November 2009 April 2011) project, to be implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The objectives are:
  • Regional Scientific Networking, to link climate science research with relevant agriculture research in the region and internationally;
  • Science-Policy Interface, to link national researchers with policymakers, the private sector, civil society and representatives of regional agriculture and climate change programmes; and
  • Knowledge Management and Communications, to collate, package and disseminate agriculture and climate policy briefs outputs, and news for use by key stakeholders
The objective of the Rockefeller Foundation convening was to provide a platform for sharing of experiences between the Foundation's Climate Change grantees. The meeting was held to review the progress to date and also identify further opportunities and plans for the initiative.

The Foundation's Climate Change Adaptation focus areas include:
  • Impact of Climate Change on African agriculture
  • Adaptations of climate change to Asian systems
  • Domestic (US) policy on climate change

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