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Regional Conservation Agriculture Working Group (CARWG) 2nd annual workshop
13 October 2010 - 14 October 2010

FANRPAN participates at the Regional Conservation Agriculture Working Group (CARWG) 2nd annual workshop held in Johannesburg from October 13 to 14, 2010.

Conservation Agriculture Regional Working Group (CARWG)
Most of the Southern African countries depend heavily on agriculture; however, production levels are increasingly hampered by economic, political and climatic changes in the region. Conservation Agriculture being an innovative part of agricultural production is regarded as an opportunity for increasing food productivity in the region. In view of this, CARWG was formed to support policy frameworks and implementation of Conservation Agriculture. The CARWG for Southern Africa is a regional group which was formed in 2007 with the objective of coordinating Conservation Agriculture (CA) work/activities at regional level including, resource mobilisation and advocacy.

The group is currently supported by FAO Regional office of Southern Africa. CARWG involves CA national task forces as well as regional and international development agencies. Currently, existing members include National CA task forces from 12 SADC countries, and ACT, CIMMYT, ICRAF, ICRISAT, FAO, NEPAD, SADC, CARE International, Concern Worldwide, GART, FANRPAN, SACAU and WVI. In September 2009, the CARWG held its first annual workshop in Johannesburg and its members resolved to meet annually with the view of strengthening CA practices. This was the 2nd annual workshop and its overall objective was to stimulate discussions on increasing CA practice, adoption and scaling up support in the region, and specifically the objectives of the workshop were to;
  • Review the progress on September 2009 December 2010 work plan implementation focusing on research, extension, training, equipment supply, policy review and resource mobilization
  • Review and revise the CARWG Terms of References and Modus Operandi for greater effectiveness
  • Develop a work plan for the CARWG for January to December 2011
Participants to the workshop
FANRPAN as a member of the CARWG group attended the workshop and was represented by Ms. Sithembile Ndema and Ms. Catherine Namome. Other participants included; SACAU, NEPAD, COMESA, CIMMYT, FAO, ICRISAT, ICRAF, CARE International, World Vision International, and CA National task forces from countries of Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Madagascar, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Regional Conservation Agriculture Working Group (CARWG) 2nd annual workshop

Outputs of the workshop
The workshop was a success and members resolved a number of issues regarding CA strengthening and implementation at national and regional levels. During the workshop, participants discussed CA from a livelihood point of view as well as the sustainable development of CA. FANRPAN as a leader in policy advocacy in Southern Africa was nominated to spearhead the CARWG policy development and advocacy group which includes, SACAU, NEPAD, SADC and Ministry of Agriculture South Africa and Zambia. It is, however, important to note that the objective of the workshop was not only to stimulate discussions among members of the CARWG group but also to re-enforce the need for active National CA Task Forces (NCATFs) to mobilize effective commitment and actions at all levels in their specific countries. NCATFs were strongly encouraged to effectively mainstream CA concerns into development policies, strategies, programmes and practices in Southern Africa.

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