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FANRPAN Project Brochure: Women Accessing Realigned Markets (WARM)
Strengthening the Capacity of Women Farmers to Influence Agricultural Policy Development in Southern Africa

About WARM

The Women Accessing Realigned Markets (WARM) project, seeks to strengthen women farmers' ability to advocate for appropriate agricultural policies and programmes.


The goal is for women farmers to have access to assets such as knowledge, technology, credit and better seeds, fertilizer and other inputs by ensuring that local and national policies and services address their needs.


  • To provide a platform for communities to dialogue on issues that affect women farmers' access to input markets.
  • To empower women farmers to play a more active role in driving the development agenda.
  • To align development research agenda to women farmers' issues.
  • Align input supply institutions and programmes to women farmer needs.
  • To bring women farmer concerns into national and regional policy debates.

Why Women?

Women and Food Production
  • Women produce over 50% of all food grown world wide.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, women grow 80% - 90% of the food.
  • Women carry out essential work such as hoeing, planting, weeding and harvesting with simple tools and little outside assistance.
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, when women obtain the same farm inputs as average male farmers, they increase their yields for maize, beans and cowpeas by at least 22%.
Women and the Food Crisis

The Food Crisis had a severe effect on women, who not only assume primary responsibility for feeding their families but also contribute significantly to food security will not be achieved without accountability of all the major actors in agriculture markets to the poor in general and to women in particular.
Progress of the World's Women
UNIFEM, 2008/9

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