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Gender Impact Strategy for Agricultural Development
June 2008
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation believes that all lives - no matter where they are being lived - have equal value. In light of this core belief, our vision of success for the gender impact strategy is that women are actively and meaningfully engaged as vital participants in each of our projects and that through the work of our grantees there is a visible improvement in the general welfare of households - women, children, and families - demonstrated by measured improvements in health and income.

Fundamentally, we believe that Agricultural Development must address gender in order to achieve significant impact in the reduction of hunger and poverty. This will be achieved if:
  • Opportunities for women to participate in income-generating activities, learning and decision-making processes continue to increase.
  • The quantity and quality of food available to women continues to increase; leading to improved health and nutrition in families because of the unique role of women in the household.
  • We see increased understanding of the importance of gender dynamics in the communities where we work, among our partners, and within our programs.
  • Gender emerges as a higher investment priority in agriculture among governments, multilateral institutions, and civil society through recognition that gender strategies are an essential component of successful agricultural development. Related agricultural development investment increases.

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