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Mozambique wins African Gender Award 2009
August 2009

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges Agência de Informação de Moçambique (AIM) Mozambique News Agency as the source of this article

Mozambican President Armando Guebuza, received in Maputo, this Friday, the African Gender Award 2009, a statuette inspired the story of an African woman facing social, political and economic challenges.

The award was announced this Friday in Maputo, to reporters, by the Executive Director of 'Femmes Africa Solidarité, Bineta Diop, shortly after an audience granted by the Mozambican President to Diop, for this very purpose.

Heading a group of members of her organization, Diop said that the prize is a reflection of the challenges women face in their lives.

'We just do not look at women as being victims, but also how they are recognized, sometimes even managing to reach top leadership positions and of decision-making, as is the case of Mozambique ', added Diop.

'We are pleased to announce that Mozambique won the award in recognition for everything the country has done for women well-being and the society as a whole,' said Diop, acknowledging that without President Guebuza open leadership 'we would not be here today to acknowledge these achievements'.

The choice of Mozambique as the winner of the African Gender Award 2009 was decided on last January in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Among several other candidates, Mozambique came to the top, for having answered to a larger number of factors.

According to Diop, Mozambique came out recently from an armed conflict but has performed better that many African countries in the promotion of gender issues. Also, Mozambique is one of the few successful stories of peace and stability.

'We are here in Maputo coming from different African countries and representing a civil society anxious to see Africa development, particularly on women promotion. When we talk about development in Africa, we are saying that gender issues should also be in the forefront, emphasizing women protection and promotion', said Diop.

Rwanda and Senegal are other countries that have won the same award in previous years.

Bineta Diop said she expects to celebrate this award with all the Mozambican people, adding that it is of major importance for the whole continent.

'We all need to learn from Mozambique on how it has been exceeding on a number of issues, including gender issues,' she stressed.

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