Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

Agriculture and Climate Change: Beyond Copenhagen
Platform Issue Paper, No. 9
April 2010

Agriculture has a unique place in human development. It will be seriously afftected by climate change. Adapting agriculture is critical to food security and the nutrition of the world’s population. As a major source of greenhouse gases, agriculture also carries substantial potential for mitigation.

In 2009, Platform members and partners worked to enhance understanding of the relation between agriculture, climate change, food security and development. In 2010 they will continue their contribution to the climate change debate.

What is needed in 2010
  • Text under the common vision for LCA1] explicitly mentions food security and agriculture
  • A SBSTA work programme on agriculture is agreed
  • LULUCF inventory of emissions and rules explicitly includes agriculture
  • REDD+ considers the prospects for including agriculture in a REDD ++ mechanism that recognises agriculture as one of the main drivers of deforestation
  • Agriculture and food security are part of actions in implementing the Copenhagen Accord
  • Enhanced understanding of how market and other mechanisms can be used to reduce emissions from agriculture and generate financial flows to developing countries
  • Mitigation plans are more coherent with adaptation plans and poverty reduction strategies. This is particularly important for agriculture which is often a priority sector in both NAMAs and NAPAsv
  • Best practice lessons from agriculture programmes that delivered mitigation and adaptation benefits, and secured livelihoods and food security are used to inform global and national policies
  • The accountability framework for the G8 Aquila process on support for food security more explicitly mentions climate change
  • Regional and national initiatives, such as CAADP, are supported to integrate climate change into their policies and plans
  • The new Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases includes activities that will benefit developing countries and complement the work of other international initiatives
  • The CGIAR develops research programmes on pro-poor adaptation and mitigation in agriculture

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