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Supporting African participation in the ICID 2010 conference on Climate, Sustainability and Sustainable Development in semiarid regions
16 August 2010 - 20 August 2010

ICID Conference, to be held from 16-20 August 2010, at the Convention Center of Ceará in Fortaleza in Brazil (

The background to event and DEW Point process are outlined in the summary attached (DFID DEW Point support to African participation in the ICID+18 conference), although it should be noted that in West Africa we are handling phase 1 from the U.K. A regional organisation will be organising the pre-conference event.

Language: Being a DFID-sponsored process, we intend to operate in English, though plan to run a bilingual (Francophone-Anglophone) preconference event in West Africa. All applications and presentations will be in English and the selection procedure will be in English. Should we get French only applications we will forward these to IRD for their consideration, as they will be supporting some participants from Francophone Africa.

There will be two categories of applicants:
  1. Researchers working in an area relevant to the conference topic, both young and upcoming scientists, as well as those with an established track record;
  2. Policy makers and implementers from government, civil society and non-governmental organisations involved in areas relevant to the conference topic.
The application process consists of two stages:
  1. Shortlisting based on completion of a short application form;
  2. Final selection from shortlisted applicants attending pre-conference events in each region during early 2010.
The deadlines are as follows:

What? Who? When?
Finalise identification of potential organisations/networks/individuals DEW Point By 17.3.2010
Contact, inform and send out application forms DEW Point By 19.3.2010 [Deadline for applicants 18.4.2010]
Provide assistance to applicants – Helpdesk role DEW Point 19.3.2010 - 18.4.2010
Constitute Evaluation Committee DEW Point By 16.4.2010
Receive and forward applications to Evaluation Committee DEW Point By 19.4.2010
Short-listing Evaluation Committee 20.4.2010 – 23.4.2010
Share shortlist with regional sub-contractors Evaluation Committee 23.4.2010
Invite the 20 shortlisted applicants to PC event Regional partner By 26.4.2010
Organisation of Pre conference event (inc. logistics) Regional partner By 17.5.2010
Pre conference event Regional partner 19 - 20.5.2010
Select participants for ICID Evaluation Committee 28.5.2010
Provide admin assistance to 10 selected participants Regional partner 29.5.2010 to ICID
Write report on selection process outputs Regional partner By 30.9.2010

The application form and evaluation criteria that the evaluation panel will use are attached.

For advice and assistance please contact:

English: Lucy Nickoll
CC: Graham Haylor and Jim Parker

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