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The United Republic of Tanzania: The Plant Protection Act, No. 13 of 1997 - The plant protection (control of water hyacinth) rules

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as the source of this document

  1. These Rules may be cited as Plant Protection (Control of Water Hyacinth) Rules.
  2. In these Rules unless the context requires otherwise
    "Act" means the Plant Protection Act No. 13 of 1997;

    "Biological Control Agent" means a natural enemy, antagonist or competitor and other self replicating biotic entity, used for water hyacinth control;

    "conveyance" means any vessel, aircraft, train, truck, car, boat, ship, ferry, cart, cargo, container, animal, or other device whereby water hyacinth may be moved from one place to another;

    "Director" means the Director of Agriculture

    "effective date" means the date on which these rules shall be published in the Government Gazette;

    "inspector" means a plant protection inspector or an officer of the Ministry responsible for fisheries, designated to be an inspector under these rules;

    "Minister" means the Minister responsible for agriculture;

    "Regulations" means plant protection regulations made under the Act;

    "water body" means any collection of water or medium which is capable of assisting the growth of water hyacinth;

    "water hyacinth" means a plant organism of the Pontedericeae family whose genus is Eichhornia and crassipes species known as "gugu maji" in Kiswahili and includes any of its parts whether severed from the plant or not;

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