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South Africa 2010/11 budget
17 February 2010
Minister of Finance: Pravin Gordhan

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges National Treasury as the source of this document

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Honourable Speaker

It is my privilege to present the first budget of the administration of President Zuma to this House.

Last week we had the special honour of hosting former President Mandela in Parliament. He exuded his inimitable magic. He reminded us of what we have achieved in our struggle for freedom and in our democratic journey. He reminded us that South Africans are capable of extraordinary things. We are, as you also reminded us, Mr President, an extraordinary people.

Twenty years ago, we showed the world that we could unite around a common cause a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist South Africa. We showed ourselves, and the world, that we could compete politically and yet find a shared understanding on matters of concern to all of us building a better South Africa for our children and grandchildren.

Now, we must again use this remarkable national capability to energetically and urgently address the problems of jobs, growth and poverty.

As you pointed out Mr President, none of us can rest or sleep peacefully until every South African can say,:

"I can see a better future. I can find a job. I can learn a skill. Hard work will enable me and my family to have shelter and food. If my children work hard at school and college, they will have a better future and a thousand opportunities."

Our people need hope. Our people want government to lead. We will lead. Our people want government, business, labour and social organisations to work together to create a better economic future. Our people want to be positively energised so that they can take the initiative to improve their own lives and communities. Our people want action on jobs, growth and poverty. We must build a new common purpose so that we can use all of our talents, skills and resources to tackle our economic and social challenges.

Mr President, you have said we must do things differently. We cannot do the same old things and expect different results.

Both South Africa and the world at large must and are looking for different answers and solutions. So the first message of this budget is that all of us, whether you are in Sandton or Upington, in Lusikisiki or Marabastad, we must all be prepared to do things differently.

President Zuma has rightly challenged us to re-examine our plans, and to set a more deliberate, more focused course. Cabinet has agreed on a set of outcomes that will shape our policies and programmes for the years ahead. The public service has begun an organisational restructuring that is driven by the imperative of service delivery. A new engagement between government, the business sector and organised labour is being forged, through which we will mobilise our creativity, our determination, our sheer grit to build a durable, developmental, just and prosperous nation.

In forging this engagement we will build on the foundations laid over the past two decades. We will also have the courage and humility to do things differently.

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