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CGIAR Research in Africa: Towards Clear, Broadly Accessible Information
19 January 2010

CGIAR’s Collective Action for Eastern and Southern Africa has been actively supporting the need to make research information publicly accessible to all CGIAR staff and other key stakeholders in the region, in order to facilitate information sharing, promote partnership opportunities and collective action. Since the release of the prototype map early last year CGIAR Ongoing Research Projects in Africa, a unique database of research projects that are carried out by CGIAR Centers and also partner in Africa the map has continued to elicit a lot of interest from different quarters. The map gives users the opportunity to not only browse information on research projects in the region (and beyond) but also enter new and ongoing research projects live and in real time.

By availing this type of information from a single source the map responds to problems of overlaps, unhealthy competition, directing investments and resources to high leverage/promising areas among others. With this open door to information sharing, CG centers, partners and other stake holders can now be able to effectively collaborate, social network for new project development, share research information and in general keep up to speed with what is happening with the common interest of increasing the impact of agricultural research in Africa.

Map functionalities
We have recently released the new polished map, it is available at The map features enable’s one to;
  • Map projects by research area, lead center or time
    Build a map only with projects in a given research area or led by a specific Center. Finetune your search to exactly the time period of your interest. Switch to the list view and zero in to the projects in a specific country.
  • Find out about project details
    Informative yet compact fact sheets provide you with the names of the people involved in the project, the principal investigator, the scientists and the partners. Links to related Medium Term Plan projects in CGMap and to related online information give you the chance to learn more about the projects.
  • Want to know more? Click and search
    The clickable key words enable you to get a list of related projects. Interested in more projects on adaptation or carried out by specific scientists? Click on the linked words in the fact sheet to search for similar information in the Ongoing Research Projects and a selection of CGIAR Web sites.
At this time, scientist are updating and validating the research projects available in the system, hence the Beta label. This phase should be completed by February 2010. Contributions are always open, so that the Map provides an up-to-date view and analysis tool for projects on the ground.

More about the Map at:

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For more information contact, Evelyn Katingi (

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