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Agriculture and Copenhagen: Platform Issue Paper 8
December 2009
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Platform Issue Paper 8 focuses on the main issues of how agriculture and climate change that need to be considered in Copenhagen. A detailed analysis of the latest text and non-papers is given in the Appendix.

Key messages

  • Agriculture, food security and climate change have not been well integrated at the global level beyond UNFCCC negotiations.
  • This is changing and climate change negotiations have begun to address agriculture directly and indirectly, with some substantive text proposed.
  • However, with many non-papers for discussion, and with little progress in choosing between alternative texts, there is a risk that agriculture may be lost as text is streamlined in Copenhagen.
  • Integration of climate change and food security is important, applying the Paris Declaration and Accra Principles of Aid Effectiveness.
Priority issues for the final Copenhagen outcome
  • shared vision that recognises agriculture asintegral to food production, food security and to the resilience of ecosystems and that climate change is a major threat.
  • a COP decision on a work programme for agriculture on mitigation and its integration with adaptation, including pro-poor perspective.
  • co-operative sectoral approaches include measures on mitigation that support food security and adaptation objectives, and benefit the poor.
Desirable issues for the final Copenhagen outcome
  • NAMAs include explicit mention of agriculture.
  • Synergies between NAMAs and NAPAs are recognised in institutional and financing mechanisms.
  • REDD includes Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Uses.
  • LULUCF comes up with a new accounting rule system that is favourable to agriculture.

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