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Call for Nominations: FANRPAN 2009 Food Security Policy Leaderhip Award
27 July 2009


The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN), is a regional multi-stakeholder policy network promoting food security in Southern Africa. The network membership comprises of farmers, the private sector, governments and researchers and it coordinates food and agricultural policy processes in 13 Southern African countries. The FANRPAN Regional Secretariat is based in South Africa

The niche for FANRPAN lies in its distinct role as an all inclusive platform that brings government, policy analysts, farmers and private sector to work together in policy development while being sufficiently independent to be able to provide objective evidence-based policy research, analysis and advice. The network mission is to promote effective Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) policies by facilitating linkages and partnerships between government and civil society; building the capacity for policy analysis and policy dialogue in southern Africa, and supporting demand - driven policy research and analysis

Why the Award:

In the background of food security challenges facing Southern Africa and the rest of the world, FANRPAN launched a regional Award in 2008 to promote policy development and implementation that result in sustained initiatives promoting food security in the region

The Annual FANRPAN Food Security Policy Leadership Award © 2008 will be given annually to an individual or organisations that made effective and evident contributions towards food security and poverty alleviation in the region. FANRPAN is convinced that Southern Africa is neither poor nor incapable of feeding itself, but that it lacks the fresh initiatives which empower, encourage and support efforts to promote food security, policy development and poverty alleviation. Food security is multi-faceted and cannot be fulfilled by addressing policies alone without tackling the issues of poverty, inputs, access to information, tools and equipment. While financial rewards are an incentive for individual and organisational initiatives, we at FANRPAN strongly believe more could be achieved if visionary people and organisations in Africa can get tangible support to realise their dreams of a food secure Southern Africa.

Eligibility and Criteria:

Award recipients will be selected from any sector in a country that will be hosting the FANRPAN annual multi-stakeholder policy dialogue. Nominations will be accepted for individuals and organisations which will have made lasting contributions through policy formulation and implementation, appropriate technology and innovation to food security in Southern Africa region. The Award is awarded to individuals and organisations regardless of their race, religion, nationality or political beliefs that have pushed the limits in improving access to food in the region and helped alleviate poverty.

The Annual FANRPAN FOOD SECURITY POLICY LEADERSHIP AWARD will be given annually to an organisation, woman and man demonstrating excellence in promoting food security in Southern Africa through visionary leadership, focused policies and personal initiative.

The Award, sponsored by FANRPAN and its partners, does not carry a cash prize. In lieu of the monetary incentive, the Award is a conglomeration of 'practical' prizes in three distinct components; agricultural inputs, technology, learning tours and equipment linked to food security and capacity building to sustain food security.

Award Committee:

An Award Committee comprising of members from various sectors will be appointed to adjudicate the nominations for Award recipients each year. The FANRPAN Secretariat will support the Award Committee which will meet once a year to finalise the selection from nominations.

Award Citation:

The FANRPAN Secretariat, in liaison with the Board and Award Committee, will each year prepare a specific citation to be presented to the Winner at a formal Award Ceremony.

The Award:

The Annual FANRPAN FOOD SECURITY POLICY LEADERSHIP AWARD is a bronze cast Trophy in the form of a sculptured bust of an African woman in balancing a traditional food basket on her head. Women are the largest contributors to food security in Africa and they are the managers of the household food basket. The sculpture sits on a wooded based with four copper panels on which the name of each winner is engraved each year. The winner is presented with a mini-replica of the Trophy and an authentic certificate with a specific Citation. The Trophy was designed by the FANRPAN team.

Award Winners:
  • 2008 - The President of the Republic of Malawi, HE Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika
  • 2009 - Click here for nomination forms: Deadline - 20 August 2009

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