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FANRPAN Partners Meeting
24 June 2009

Download file Meeting Agenda (90Kb < 1min)

Download file Invitation (350Kb ~ 1 min)
Download file Opening remarks and introduction - by Mr Sindiso Ngwenya (Chairman of the FANRPAN Board) (146Kb < 1min)
Download file Overview of FANRPAN - by Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda (1.7Mb ~ 5 min)
Download file Agricultural Subsidies and Input Voucher Programme (445Kb ~ 1 min)
Download file Communication and Advocacy - by Francis Hale (611Kb ~ 2 min)
Download file Platform on Energy Crop and Agroforestry Systems for Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems (COMPETE) in Africa (906Kb ~ 3 min)
Download file Agriculture Systems: Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Regional Compact - by Chansa Chisanga (298Kb ~ 1 min)
Download file Piloting the Household Vulnerability Index to Improve Resilience of Vulnerable Rural Households in Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe - by Tendayi Kureya (1.1Mb ~ 3 min)
Download file Limpopo River Basin Focal Project - by Kevin Scott (3.3Mb ~ 10 min)
Download file Strengthening the Capacity of Women Farmers to Influence Agricultural Policy Development in Southern Africa - by Sithembile Ndema (313Kb ~ 1 min)
Download file Climate Negotiations towards Copenhagen - by Khamarunga Banda and Moshe Tsehlo (148Kb < 1min)
Download file List of participants (132Kb < 1min)

FANRPAN Partners Meeting Agenda

24 June 2009, FANRPAN Pretoria, South Africa
SESSION ONE: Welcome, Introductions and Overview of FANRPAN
80h00 - 08h30 Registration
08h30 - 08h45 Opening remarks and introduction by Chairman of FANRPAN Board, Mr Sindiso Ngwenya COMESA Secretary General
08h45 - 09h00 Africa agriculture in the last 12 months, Ajay Vashee, IFAP President
09h00 - 09h20 Overview of FANRPAN by CEO Dr Lindiwe Majele Sibanda
09h20 - 10h00 Q & A
10h00 - 10h30 TEA BREAK
SESSION TWO: 10 Minute Presentations of Ongoing Projects by Team Leaders
10h30 - 11h30 Input and Output Markets Thematic Thrust
Dr Wynand Van Der Walt Seed Policies in Africa
Dr David Kamchacha Markets Subsidies and Input Vouchers
Sithembile Ndema Women's Access to Realigned Markets
11h30 - 12h00 Social Protections Thematic Thrust
Mr Tendayi Kureya Improving Resilience of Vulnerable Rural Households
Prof. Francis Joseph  
12h00 - 12h15 Agriculture Systems Thematic Thrust
Chansa Chisanga CAADP regional compact
12h15 - 13h00 Natural Resources and Environment Thematic Thrust
Kevin Scott Limpopo Basin Focal Project
Khamarunga Banda Energy Crop, Agroforestry Systems and Biofuels
Wole Olaleye Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Khamarunga Banda and Moshe Tsehlo Climate Negotiations towards Copenhagen
13h00 - 14h00 LUNCH
SESSION THREE: Plenary Session, Partners' Responses
14h00 - 15h00 COMESA, CSIR, IWMI, ILRI, Oxfam America, ICRISAT/ReSAKSS-SA, IOWA State University, University of Venda, AGRA, FAO Southern Africa, CIDA, SDC, IFAP, Octoplus Information Solutions, Agriconnect Communication Media, Attorneys, Chirimuuta & Associates Conveyances & Notaries Agriculture Research Council South Africa, Department of Agriculture South Africa, Pelum Lesotho, Ambassadors of Zimbabwe to South Africa, Gates Foundation, Agricultural Business Chamber, SACAU, SA Post Office and media representatives
15:15 - 15:30 Closing remarks and way forward by FANRPAN Board Chairman
15:30 TEA

Workshop photographs:

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