Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

FANRPAN Stakeholder Directory 2007

The FANRPAN stakeholder directory is intended to bring together the network’s stakeholders. The list is drawn from all engagements with the network through meetings, workshops and other modes of communication. Users are encouraged to use this directory to assist in communicating among themselves in-country, regionally and globally.

Who are the stakeholders of the FANRPAN network? The strength of the network is its country platforms, the NODES whose membership comprise government; farmer organisations; research institutions; private sector; academic institutions of higher learning; policy makers and the private sector. FANRPAN works through its nodes in 12 SADC countries; facilitating networking on food, agriculture and natural resources issues. The nodes are coordinated by a regional secretariate, based in South Africa. FANRPAN thrives to ensure that stakeholders continue to meet, engage in dialogue, inform the research agenda and contribute to the process of establishing a conducive policy environment for the food; agriculture and natural resources sector.

About the directory. This directory was developed in a three stage process that involved collecting information on FANRPAN’s stakeholders, designing a web-based data storage system, and compiling a print version. This version, therefore complements the web-based search engine ( that has additional information on contacts. It paves the way to ensuring that professionals that have been in touch through the network can network among themselves.

How does one use the directory? To enhance usability, this directory has an index showing alphabetical listing of stakeholders in each SADC country by sector. The table of contents is also categorised on a sector basis. Additional information on the contacts is available on the FANRPAN website.

FANRPAN appreciates that stakeholders often move and change contact details, and have therefore developed the web version of the directory as an interactive database where stakeholders have the opportunity to update their own details. This is useful in case we have not captured your details correctly. FANRPAN will also launch a chat and e-forum to encourage debate on topical issues on food, agriculture and natural resources.

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