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Contract Farming Workshop
held at the Barn Motel, Lusaka, Zambia
7 December 2005


The feedback from the contract farming workshop among others confirmed the earlier perceptions/conclusions that there is a strong need to determine ways and means of making it possible for contract farming to be used more to link farmers in a non-exploitative but empowering way (Sartorius, Kirsten et al 2005). There is therefore a need to do further work which would include value-chain analysis to determine the most appropriate way forward in contract farming.

The Contract Farming workshop for Zambia was held as a joint workshop with Agricultural Consultative Forum (ACF) who presented on Out-grower Survey Analysis on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MACO). Since the planned Contract Farming and Out-grower workshops were targeting almost the same stakeholders and were to be held around the same time, it was proposed to have one joint workshop. MACO and FANRPAN approved of this arrangement. As a result of this development, the US$2,000 budgeted for the Contract Farming Workshop was reallocated to ACF to complement the ACF budget on the workshop expenses on a cost-sharing basis.

It was a one day workshop with two presentations: Mr Klaus Droppelman made a presentation on the Out-Grower Survey Analysis and Mr Mwikisa Likulunga made a presentation on the Status of Contract Farming in Zambia. The presentations were made in the morning and group discussions after lunch (See Programme attached). Mr M. Akayombokwa, the Director of Agriculture, MACO, officially opened the workshop as the Minister who was expected to be the Guest of Honour was unable to attend because of other urgent matters he had to attend to. The two Permanent Secretaries, MACO, were also unable to attend.

The workshop was attended by 52 participants. The main crop areas involving contract farming/out-grower schemes which were represented and discussed were cotton, tobacco, coffee, paprika and fresh (export) vegetables.

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