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Angolan National Conference on Agriculture to analyse Food production and fight against famine
Angola to produce 15 million tons of cereals until 2013
24 April 2009

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges Angola Press as the source of this article:

The Angolan minister of Agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga, said Friday in Luanda that the country will produce 15 million tons of assorted cereals until 2013, at a rate of three million per year, against the current 1.1 million.

According to the minister, to this end, the Angolan Government will invest about two billion US Dollars in the same period, that is, about Usd 500 million a year.

Afonso Pedro Canga was speaking to journalists on the National Conference on Agriculture, that will take place next week Tuesday in Luanda and focus mainly on "Food production and fight against famine: a front line priority".

He said the Government will count on the participation of the private sector.

To him, with investments in the agrarian sector, the Government is seeking to fight food shortage, through internal production, and reduce import.

The minister said as well that with the National Conference on Agriculture , the Government also seeks a major involvement and commitment of the society in the implementation of related programmes and projects.

The conference will also serve to publicise the Government actions towards addressing the electoral commitments and secure the establishment of public/private partnerships, based on participative models.

Marshalling wills and resources for the success of the actions as scheduled is another purpose of the event.

The National Conference on Agriculture will be attended by officials of the ministry, farmers, breeders, organised peasants, business people, representatives of industries, banks and insurance companies, politicians, MPs and NGOs.

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