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Control of World Crisis Requires National Economy Diversification
26 February 2009

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Angolan Government has outlined a set of strategies to handle the effects of the world economic and financial crisis on the country, which requires investments in agriculture, industry, geology and mining, and creation of growth points around the country.

The programme on the industry, approved by the Cabinet Council, in its second session of Wednesday in Luanda, chaired by the head of State, Josť Eduardo dos Santos, provides for the establishment of growth points in all provinces of the country.

Speaking at the end of the session of the Cabinet Council, the Industry minister, Joaquim David, said the ministry will evolve into industrial ventures in all provinces, aiming at the emergence of construction materials and equipment of support to agriculture and thus increase production and reduce imports.

As to the geology and mining sector, the official announced that the Government intends to diversify the sources of revenues, through boosting mining activity, involving the exploration of other minerals and thus put an end to the diamonds monopoly.

According to the minister of Geology and Mining, Makenda Ambroise, the programme encompasses all activities of the sector, both diamond and non-diamond.

He explained that the Government has designed several social projects, with stress to the reconstruction of the country, construction of infrastructures, including houses, which requires raw materials provided by the mining industry.

On the other hand, the minister approved the national programme on Urbanisation and Housing, whose challenge includes the reduction of the shortage of houses, currently recording a deficit of 1.7 million houses.

According to the minister of Urbanisation and Housing, Diakumpuna Sita Josť, the Government has designed a national housing system, with priority to the construction of houses for low income people.

In 2008, the head of State announced the construction of one million houses until 2012, with the participation of the public and private sector and cooperatives.

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