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Limpopo Basin Focal Project: Botswana Stakeholder Consultation
25 September 2008

On 25th September 2008 more than thirty Limpopo Basin stakeholders in Botswana gathered together with members of the Limpopo Basin Focal Project (LBFP) team for a one-day workshop. This workshop provided an opportunity for the LBFP team to learn more about the programs, activities and water management priorities in Botswana, while also sharing information with these stakeholders on the LBFP goals, approach to achieving these goals, and how to ensure the project will be beneficial to Botswana and other basin countries.

The workshop was organized by the Kalahari Conservation Society which is the organizing institution for the Botswana Country Water Partnership-a constituent of the Global Water Partnership for Southern Africa (GWP-SA). Participants included representatives of both the agricultural and water ministries of the government of Botswana, representatives of local governments, farmers associations, researchers, and the SADC Groundwater and Drought Management Project. There were presentations on the Botswana Country Water Partnership and its programmes, Limpopo River Basin Commission (LIMCOM), SADC Groundwater and Drought Management Project, and agricultural projects managed by the Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture) on the Limpopo Basin.

The FANRPAN/ARC LBFP Leader, Dr Douglas Merrey, gave a presentation on the LBFP while the Botswana project partner from the University of Botswana, Dr. Berhanu F Alemaw and two students provided an overview of work on hydrology and GIS mapping they are implementing as part of the project.

Considerable time was allocated to discussions of all the presentations, as well as a facilitated discussion of present and potential future agricultural water management interventions that should be investigated by the Project. On the following day, there was a fascinating field trip to the Glenn Valley Irrigation Project, which has been initiated to re-use treated urban wastewater for vegetable production.

Team members participating included Emilio Magaia (Mozambique), Norman Moyo (Zimbabwe), Julius Mangisoni (Malawi), Amy Sullivan (South Africa), Philipa Kanyoka (South Africa) and Doug Merrey (FANRPAN Secretariat) as well as Berhanu Alemaw from Botswana.

The LBFP is supported by the Challenge Program on Water and Food. It is a two-year project intended to identify potential agricultural water management interventions that would help achieve food security and better livelihoods, largely by synthesizing existing data and consultations with basin stakeholders on their feasibility. The LBFP is being implemented by FANRPAN in partnership with Agricultural Research Council of South Africa and in collaboration with the GWP-SA, IWMI, and other regional universities and research institutions.

Glenn Valley Irrigation Project

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