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Call for expression of interest to map country poverty profiles and validation of reports of Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRS) in 4 SADC countries: South Africa, Mauritious, Angola and Seychelles
Closing date for the expression of interest: 5 September 2008
25 August 2008
Regional Poverty Observatory Unit of Southern Africa Trust

Introuduction and Background

The Southern Africa Trust is an independent, regional, non-profit agency registered in South Africa. It supports processes to deepen and widen engagement in policy dialogue with a regional impact on poverty.

A key component of the Trust's work is to develop a web based resource on poverty reduction strategies across the Southern Africa region that would promote the analysis of information and learning about public policy processes targeting poverty and inequality in the Southern African region, in order to promote more effective engagement in such processes by stakeholders, through the cross-pollination of ideas and experience, and by building common platforms.

In relation to the Trust, the regional dimensions of poverty and poverty dimensions of regional interventions underpin and inform the Trust's research agenda, with the aim of building intra-regional collaboration and partnerships around the shared priority of reducing poverty and inequality. In September 2006, the Southern Africa Trust commissioned work on the development of a common methodology and format for reporting on PRSP processes in the sub-region. The understanding is that such a pilot 'mapping exercise' would serve as one of the foundational activities for the Trust's Regional Poverty Observatory (the policy analysis arm of Trust). This work has been partially completed.

To date, the Trust has conducted a baseline of Poverty Reduction Strategies in 11 Southern African countries, utilizing a common methodology and format for reporting. However, 4 countries - South Africa, Mauritius, Angola and Seychelles have not been done. Thus, the Trust seeks to hire a consultant/s for each country study to complete these country assessments and conduct validation exercise for them.

Scope of work

Conducting Country Poverty Profiles and validation.

Using an already existing template and framework, the consultant/s are expected to capture in relation to the poverty reduction strategy development and implementation processes for each country in relation to institutions, organizations, networks and processes in the SADC region that are key to public policy on poverty and inequality; and civil society engagement with such processes. Upon completing the country profiles, the consultant will be expected to validate each of the reports and present findings to an experts meeting.


The expected deliverable from this consultancy is:
  • Well analyzed and validated poverty profile for each country suitable for our web based resource.

The consultancy will be for a period of 3-4 weeks to run between September - October, 2008, as determined by agreement between the Southern Africa Trust and the appointed consultants.

The Trust would like to invite expressions of interest from qualified candidates to do this work. If you are interested in doing this work, please do send to us a 2 paged motivation of why you think you can do this work, how you will do it and how much it would cost, samples of previous work related to this topic, and recommendations on different angles this kind of work could take. We are keen to accept applications from individuals/organizations working in these respective countries.

The expression of interest should be reached by Friday 5 September 2008, 15.00pm.

Please direct all your applications to:

The Regional Poverty Observatory Unit
Southern Africa Trust
4 Midridge North,
International Business Gateway,
6th Road (off New Road), Midrand,
South Africa



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