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Proceedings of the Agricultural Consultative Forum Stakeholder Meeting on the Zambia CAADP Country Compact
Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka
27 March 2008

Gallery What is CAADP?


The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) provides an integrated framework of development priorities aimed at restoring agricultural growth, rural development and food security in the African region. In its very essence, it seeks to implement the key recommendations on food security, poverty reduction and sustainable use of natural resources, made at recent global conferences. The CAADP comprises four pillars and several cross cutting issues:
  1. Expansion of area under sustainable land management and reliable water control systems;
  2. Improvement of rural infrastructure and trade-related capacities for market access;
  3. Enhancement of food supply and reduction of hunger;
  4. Development of agricultural research, technological dissemination and adoption to sustain long-term productivity growth;
Plus sustainable development of livestock, fisheries and forestry resource as cross-cutting issues.

Although CAADP is continental in scope, its key principles and targets are to be transformed strategies and investment programmes at country level. This process, in Zambia, is supported by COMESA as a Regional Economic Community (REC). The country level process is done in two steps; the first is a stock-taking and planning exercise which forms the basis for the development of a Country CAADP compact. The stock-taking and analytical reports were finalized and used to design interventions based on and complementary to the Fifth National Development Plan (FNDP) programmes. The second step is about building partnerships and alliances between key actors under the leadership of the Governments in so-called Country Round Tables (CRTs).

As part of this process the Agricultural Consultative Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) held a stakeholder meeting at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka on 27th March, 2008, to review the draft Zambia Country Compact, and come up with broad based consensus on the development agenda for Zambia's agricultural sector. The meeting was attended by 56 stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, non-governmental organisations and the donor community (Annex 1). The objective of this meeting was to present the draft Zambia Country Compact to stakeholders, collect their input and come up with resolutions that will support the joint implementation process in Zambia. Thus broad based consensus among all stakeholders in the Zambian agricultural sector will be built in order to insure maximum buy-in and support to the shared development agenda.

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