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COMESA: Quarterly report on CAADP implementation
September 2007
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)


COMESA has the mandate to implement the CAADP agenda in Eastern and Southern Africa. Accordingly, COMESA has received support from development partners, mainly DFID, SIDA and USAID to assist its member states put in place a framework for evidence based priority setting and investment framework in implementing CAADP. This report covers the key activities undertaken in CAADP implementation over the period July -September 2007, and the next steps planned.

Summary progress of CAADP implementation during the quarter:

During the quarter, the following major achievements were realized under the COMESA CAADP Implementation Framework:

  1. An advertisement was placed on the COMESA website for the engagement of a regional institution to assist COMESA finalize its regional CAADP compact. Receipt of expression of interest closed September 7, 2007.
  2. CAADP National Focal Point Persons met in Bujumbura, Burundi over the period 23-26 August to review status of CAADP implementation in each of COMESA’s 19 member States.
  3. A first COMESA CAADP Implementation Review meeting was held and attended by officials from the NEPAD Secretariat
  4. Support to the design of CAADP early action activities in the seed and fertilizer sectors moved to a new level with the establishment of regional committees to oversee the design of the programmes
  5. Zambia, Uganda and Malawi established their CAADP Roundtable Meeting dates for signing of their compacts
  6. COMESA participated in the African Green Revolution meeting in Oslo at the end of August 2007 to provide an update of CAADP implementation in the region
  7. COMESA participated in the AU/NEPAD/RECS/Platform CAADP review meetings in Addis Ababa from 24-28th September, 2007. COMESA was highly commended for its exemplary work in implementing CAADP.

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