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World Development Report (WDR) 2008 update
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges Donor Platform - WDR 2008 as the source of this information:

Dissemination and Uptake

On May 31, 2007, the 2008 WDR team, together with former editors of World Development Reports, members of the Bank’s Sustainable Development Network, its regional (Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia) and sectoral (ARD) departments, as well as representatives from other organisations (Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, IFPRI, USAID) held a brainstorming workshop on the dissemination and uptake of WDR 2008. The main outcomes of this workshop were:

  • The participatory procedure of elaborating the report through numerous consultations should be continued in the dissemination and uptake of WDR 2008.

  • For the process of operationalising WDR-messages, key operational implications, such as rural finance or incentive frameworks for R&D in Africa, evaluation of ongoing products (NAADS), policy discords (e.g. trade liberalisation), and knowledge gaps (e.g. on rural labour markets) need to be identified.

  • One overall message and five strategic messages have already been derived from the WDR 2008. In addition, specific messages associated with each chapter and focus section, especially from chapters 4 onwards will be elaborated, formulating the key findings and including major gaps of knowledge. This collection of key messages will be assembled to smaller two page briefs aimed at the different target audiences of the WDR 2008.

  • The uptake of WDR messages will focus on specific countries with “windows of opportunities”, i.e. strategic stages of the budgeting and planning cycle, assistance strategy or PRSP formulation. These uptake workshops will be sequenced according to regions, starting with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, followed by South Asian countries, and later on workshops in Latin-America and the Caribbean and East Asian countries.
Elements envisaged for disseminating and uptake of WDR 2008

  • Launch of WDR 2008 on October 19th, accompanied by release events in several capitals in Europe, Asia, Africa and America,
  • Dissemination and uptake workshops in developing countries with upcoming “windows of opportunities”,
  • Dissemination workshops in other donor agencies to support their re-orientation on agriculture,
  • Video conferences and discussions to bring together key stakeholders in agriculture-based, transforming and urbanising countries,
  • A popular version of WDR 2008 for farmer organisations and policy briefs on key topics for decision-makers.
Platform support to the dissemination of WDR 2008

As announced during the Donor Consultation Workshop on WDR 2008, held on December 8, 2006 in Washington, the Platform supports the dissemination process of WDR 2008 through its established network of main donors in the field of agriculture and rural development. Areas where the Platform can add value to the dissemination strategy are:

  • Streamlining the implementation of WDR key outcomes into our member organisations and to key ARD decision makers;
  • Synchronising the Platform’s Hot Topic Policy Briefs with the WDR 2008 Policy Briefs to ensure broad buy-in and support of the messages;
  • Activating and including non-traditional donors active in ARD (CSOs, foundations) in the outreach of WDR messages;
  • Designating Platform Focal Points as “advocates” of WDR messages, supplied with “state of the art” knowledge on ARD to state the joint intention of investing more effectively in ARD.
Regional / global events with possible potential for WDR dissemination

Event Location Date
World Food Day / World Poverty Day Worldwide, Rome, Iowa October 16
World Bank / IMF Annual Meetings Washington, DC October 19-21
11th Africa Forum Accra October 15-19
Global Donor Platform, Annual Meeting Still open End of the year
OECD Global Forum for Agriculture Rome November 12-13
United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 13 - December 3
CGIAR Centers’ Week Beijing December 2007
Commission on Sustainable Development, 16th session New York May 5-20, 2008

Your participation is welcome!

We would appreciate your ideas especially concerning additional events in donor and partner countries with potential for WDR 2008 dissemination, and the strategic selection of countries with windows of opportunity for uptake of WDR 08 messages.

Please send your suggestions via email to:

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