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World Food Day - 16 October 2007: Securing the World's Right to Food
Press release
16 October 2007
CropLife International

Agricultural technologies play an essential role in making the right to food a reality for more people by increasing productivity to meet the world’s growing food and feed demands, as well as its fibre and fuel needs.

The right to food – this year’s theme for World Food Day (October 16) - is the right of every person to have regular access to sufficient, nutritionally adequate and culturally acceptable food for an active, healthy life.

Plant science technologies such as crop protection products and plant biotechnology are helping farmers around the globe produce more and better crops. Continual advancements in agricultural technologies and practices mean that a population now nearly twice as large has more food per head available to it than 40 years ago, while also protecting biodiversity and natural resources from further conversion of land to farming.

“The UN’s annual World Food Day is a sobering reminder that more than 850 million people still suffer from chronic hunger and millions more suffer from blindness, growth deficiencies and other ailments related to lack of nutrition. In addition, climate change could undermine food production in the developing world. It is clear the job of securing the right to food is not finished,” continued Dr. Verschueren.

“Helping to address these needs, while also alleviating pressures on land and water resources means that agriculture has to become even more productive, efficient and sustainable,” stresses Verschueren. “Among other factors, this will require the use of existing plant science as well as public and private research investment in new technologies. The plant science industry is committed to play its part by providing innovative solutions.”

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