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NEPAD Agricultural Unit quarterly report: April - June 2007
June 2007
New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

Acknowledgements: Posted with the permission of Dr Richard Mkandawire


This report presents progress and achievements in the period April to June 2007 on key action areas undertaken by the NEPAD Secretariat within its mandate to stimulate, coordinate and monitor implementation of the CAADP agenda at both regional and country level. NEPAD Secretariatís interventions also compliment the RECs in their functions to provide the regional support to country initiatives on NEPAD/CAADP implementation. The report speaks to the CAADP work plan, as embodied in the NEPAD action plan and implementation strategies especially with regard to:

  1. supporting country-led initiatives to identify and align technical and investment intervention in areas/aspects expected to provide optimal returns in terms of set productivity, livelihoods and environmental resilience targets
  2. facilitating peer learning and review including support to strategic thinking and analysis. This also directly supports the entrenchment of the values of transparency, accountability and shared commitment to the growth agenda
  3. streamlining and support institutional and technical capacity building at both country and regional level including policy orientation supportive of sustainable implementation capacities of the continentís development agenda
With growing NEPAD emphasis on implementation and impact with regard to the set development targets, special focus in the review period has been given to streamlining and strengthening implementation and institutional capacities in NEPAD, the RECs and other regional networks to build and strengthen an Africa institutional leadership in driving and sustaining the CAADP development agenda. Other key focus areas during the period under review were on:

  1. support to align and enhance the country CAADP implementation roundtable processes that have started in a number of countries with facilitation support from the RECs
  2. setting the groundwork to align and enhance CAADP buy in by development partners and rally their technical and financial support to CAADP implementation especially and primarily at the three implementation levels, namely the country level, the RECs as well as the AU/NEPAD levels. The Global Donors Platform on Rural Development and many development partner and donor countries are increasingly aligning their agriculture and rural development support through the CAADP framework.
The quarterly report is focused on work plans and activities under Pillars 1, 2 and 3 including Forestry and Aquaculture. The Pillar 1 agenda is largely pursued through the TerrAfrica SLM framework.

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) provides detailed reporting on Pillar 4. FARA is assigned to lead the implementation of CAADP Pillar 4 based on the Framework for African Agricultural Productivity (FAAP).

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