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Natural Resources Forum: Invitation to contribute to "Viewpoints"
1 July 2007 - 31 July 2007
United Nations Sustainable Development Journal

The Natural Resources Forum is inviting your views on the Viewpoints section of the journal, which is a series of policy debates to help stimulate and advance the dialogue on critical issues related to sustainable development. The aim of Viewpoints is to offer a platform for academics, practitioners and experts to share their individual perspectives and to feature these perspectives alongside other thoughtful responses in the journal.

The November 2007 issue of the NRF will be a special issue on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Its Viewpoints section will address the following question:

    "In your view, do agricultural subsidies in developed countries benefit or harm the majority of the poor in developing countries?"
Each entry should be 200 words or less addressing the above question. When submitting a contribution, please also provide your name, title, affiliation and contact details.

Our Editorial team will work closely together with NRF’s Editorial Board Members and Advisors to select those contributions that address an important dimension of the debate. We encourage responses from different regional perspectives and from a broad range of disciplines, ensuring the right balance of perspectives.

The deadline for submission to the Viewpoints for the November 2007 issue is: July 31, 2007. The Editorial team looks forward to receiving many contributions.

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