Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

New Interim Committee to Govern FANRPAN
June 2007

Prof H. K. R. Amani, in his capacity as Chairperson of the Board in line with FANRPAN's constitution (clause 15.2.9) has nominated an Interim Committee to help mobilize resources for the implementation of FANRPAN's Strategic Plan for 2007-2015. The Interim Committee comprises of:

  1. Mr. Sindiso Ngwenya, Assistant Secretary General, COMESA
  2. Dr. Sam Mundia, Permanent Secretary-Ministry of Agriculture, Zambia
  3. Mr. Ajay Vashee, President, SACAU
  4. Prof. Mandi Rukuni, Director Africa, Kellogg Foundation
  5. SADC
During the past twelve months, FANRPAN's secretariat has established itself in its new home and has initiated a process of revitalization. FANRPAN has been consulting with stakeholders as part of a strategic planning process, developing agreements with a number of key partners, and working with development partners to find the resources needed to make FANRPAN an effective and viable policy analysis and dialogue network. FANRPAN has also been working with some of our national nodes to strengthen their capacity to engage in the full cycle of policy research, analysis and management of dialogues among stakeholders. In May this year, we held a meeting in which members endorsed the new Strategic Framework and agreed on constitutional amendments that are needed to make FANRPAN more effective and representative of its regional stakeholders.

The Regional Secretariat is currently coordinating the finalization of the Strategic Plan, development of a business plan and incorporating amendments to the constitution. The three documents will be presented for endorsement at the FANRPAN Annual General Meeting, which is to held in Zambia 5-7 September 2007.

According to the current constitution, ten Board Members are elected to represent member countries with additional two ex-officio members representing the SADC Secretariat and a donor active in the region. Due to funding constraints it has been very difficult to convene meetings for such a large Board on a regular basis.

The few remaining active members of the current Board have been in place for five years, and have worked tirelessly to support FANRPAN. It is essential to have a Board that represents key stakeholders, and has sufficient knowledge and experience with food agriculture and natural resources policy issues in the region to provide effective guidance and mobilize resources. In consultation with the Secretariat and FANRPAN's members the network has therefore decided to appoint an Interim Committee of eminent people from the region to guide FANRPAN for the interim period leading to the election a new Board.

Formal Board elections will be held during the September 2007 Annual General Meeting under the revised constitution.

The terms of reference for the Interim Committee will be broad, but basically, it will be to:

  • Mobilise resources for FANRPAN's Strategic Plan, to be implemented from October 2007-2015.
  • Provide oversight on major strategic decisions;
  • Provide advice and guidance on how to strengthen FANRPAN as a network and make it more effective in supporting regional initiatives and institutions (for example, SADC and COMESA, CAADP early actions, etc.).

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