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Food Security in Africa
Stellenbosch, South Africa
2 December 2007 - 5 December 2007
Chemical Research Applied to World Needs (CHEMRAWN)

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges the CHEMRAWN website as the source of this information:

Stellenbosch University will host CHEMRAWN XII, an international conference on the role of chemistry in sustainable agriculture and human well-being in Africa. The conference, which will take place 2–5 December 2007 in Stellenbosch, South Africa, is part of the CHEMRAWN series of conferences. CHEMRAWN, or Chemical Research Applied to World Needs, is a Standing Committee of IUPAC.

The conference has already attracted recognized scientists from various African countries and elsewhere as speakers and workshop presenters. The keynote address will be delivered by Pedro Sanchez, a former recipient of the World Food Prize and currently the director of Tropical Agriculture at the Earth Institute, Columbia University.

The academic program will focus on improving the quality of life of the peoples of Africa through the provision of adequate food, with specific attention to the role of chemistry. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • come to a better understanding of sustainable agriculture in Africa in a globalized market
  • develop a systems approach to optimizing food provision in Africa
  • utilize high technology in ensuring food security in Africa
  • highlight chemistry as a core science for food security in Africa
  • take advantage of agricultural produce from Africa as a source of high value and niche products
  • promote science-based capacity development at universities as a prerequisite for food security in Africa
The conference organizers endeavor to attract top scientists, research students, industrialists, and policymakers involved in the food chain in Africa to the conference and to ensure that the findings of the conference are well communicated and acted upon.

Pieter Steyn, chairperson of the conference organizing committee, says: “The holding of CHEMRAWN XII is most timely as evidenced by recent events. The provision of safe and adequate food is very high on the political and economic agenda in Africa and the proposed scientific program coincides with Africa’s Science and Technology Consolidated Plan of Action.”

Interested persons are invited to visit the conference website, or to contact the secretary of the conference organizing committee, Christoff Pauw for more information.

See Mark Your Calendar for contact information.

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