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Gauteng 2007 agriculture budget speech
12 June 2007
Khabisi Mosunkutu
Gauteng MEC for Agriculture, Conservation and Environment


I feel deeply honoured to have this opportunity to present to this House my Department's service delivery plans for the 2007/08 financial year. Needless to say delivery on these plans will further extend the tangible benefits that have already accrued to our people as a consequence of our democratic dispensation. Attainment of the goals outlined in the report should also contribute towards consolidating our national sense of patriotism, a patriotism that builds a truly united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous nation.

This seat of our people's provincial government is tasked to mull over my Department's programme of action at a time when, four days from today, we formally shall be celebrating the youth of our country. This will provide us with an opportunity to remind ourselves of the great heroism that went into bringing us the freedom that we today enjoy and seek to enhance through our works in government.

Masses of our people throughout the classes and strata that constitute our society already are engaged in vigorous deliberations reviewing the path that we have traversed and what else needs to be done to further entrench our democratic dispensation. Of course this will inform the tactics and strategies of our people's movement, tactics and strategies that will, necessarily so, impact on the intensity of the plans that we today are discussing. These discussions will culminate in policy resolutions at the forth-coming national African National Congress (ANC) Policy Conference. We trust that debate around the service delivery objectives set out in this document, whether held in the Gauteng Legislature or on the streets of the province will genuinely contribute towards the ultimate goal we have set for the Department enhancing the quality of life of our people.

In presenting the service delivery commitments for the current financial year, I am also conscious of the context within which we should intensify our work. Addressing the nation during the State of the Nation address (SONA), President Mbeki directed that we should implement 'the Communal Land Rights Act in order to improve economic utilisation of communal land while at the same time expanding assistance such as irrigation, seeds and implements to small and co-operative farmers'.

Note has also been taken of the State of the Province address (SOPA) delivered by Premier Mbhazima Shilowa. In it he directed that the Gauteng Agricultural Development Strategy (GADS) should be, 'implemented to take advantage of the sector's potential for economic empowerment and growth. This aims to boost value-added production in the sector, including through promoting bio-technology, agro-processing and high value and niche market crops.'

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