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Society for Conservation Biology (SCB): Social sciences opportunity
Proposals due: 4 June 2007
4 June 2007
Social Science Working Group (SSWG) and Christiansen Fund

Opportunity for African Graduate Students and Young Researchers in the Social Sciences:

The Social Science Working Group (SSWG), with funds provided by the Christiansen Fund, wishes to develop capacity and increase participation in the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) from conservation social scientists studying and working at African universities or NGOs. Our goal is to provide a mechanism to identify eight young conservation social scientists to serve as SSWG Ambassadors within their host institutions.

These individuals will be actively involved in the Society and will serve as a link between the SSWG, researchers and students at their home institutions.

We are searching for eight students or researchers who have graduated within the past four years. Applicants will provide a one-page essay in English, French or Portuguese demonstrating their active involvement in conservation research or work. Additionally, they will need to provide two letters of recommendation and a resume or C.V.. The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  1. People who are active in the field, as demonstrated by commitment to the objectives of SCB and the Social Science Working Group, such as those performing research or working in conservation;
  2. Representation from across Africa, so as to reflect the diverse regions of the continent;
  3. Probability of sharing the membership benefits with colleagues and peers; and
  4. Financial need.
Winning applicants will receive three years of membership in the SCB, as well as print versions of both *Conservation Biology* and *Conservation* magazine (at $62 per person, per year).
In addition, the SSWG will provide a one-time $50USD stipend to offset costs incurred by the applicants in their outreach efforts developing connections between the SSWG and their home institution.

**Winning applicants will need to meet several goals during their three-year membership. These include:
  • Active participation in the SSWG, including posting on the list-serve and/or volunteering to work with the board; with a special emphasis on student affairs and membership.
  • Recruiting at least three people from within their home institution into the Society.
  • While not a requirement we would strongly urge the winning applicants to submit to the SSWG newsletter or the *African Telegraph*(African Section newsletter), and if possible perhaps write a multi-author paper about social science based conservation in Africa. The SSWG will provide assistance in navigating publication and submission.
Proposals will be due June 4th and winners will be announced at the SSWG meeting during the 2007 SCB annual meetings.

*Additional opportunities for young professionals in developing countries:*

Thanks to the generous support from The Nature Conservancy, the SCB is proud to offer 50 two-year memberships to graduate students or professionals who have graduated less than three years ago. Applicants will be required to submit a C.V. and a personal statement, but do not need to submit letters of recommendation. This award is open to all applicants from any developing country, and not necessarily from Africa. Successful applicants will receive free on-line access to *Conservation Biology* and *Conservation* magazine.

Please send applications for both to Joshua Drew () and clearly specify which opportunity you are applying for.


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