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Delivering the promises: making public services accessible to the people
Service delivery satisfaction survey III
Malawi Economic Justice Network

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges the MEJN website as the source of this report:

Executive summary

The Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) is a civil society organization that is committed to poverty reduction and promoting economic justice in Malawi. The institution continues to compliment the efforts of the Government of Malawi and its development partners in ensuring that economic and social policies make a positive difference to the majority poor population of the country. MEJN monitors implementation national budgets and poverty reduction programmes through a tool called the Service Delivery Satisfaction Survey (SDSS). The first SDSS was carried out in 2003 as a way of monitoring implementation of the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy (MPRS). Although the Malawi government and its development partners, including the civil society have consultatively developed the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS), civil society efforts are still focused at promoting transparency in policy implementation as well as accountability in the use of public money. This document outlines findings and recommendations of the recent survey (SDSS III) conducted in 2006 and captures perceptions of the general public in the way public services have been delivered by the Government. The SDSS III focuses on Government's performance in selected areas of public expenditure called Protected Priority Expenditures (PPEs) and relate to the fiscal year starting from June 2005 to end of June 2006.

Findings from the surveys are considered alongside results of other budget monitoring exercises carried out by partner civil society networks specializing in the sectors of health (Malawi Health Equity Network), education (Civil Society Coalition for Quality Basic Education) and agriculture (Civil Society Agriculture Network).

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