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WDR2008 Civil Society Consultation - World Bank's World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development
FANRPAN was represented at this civil society consultation by Prof Haidari Amani, chairman of the FANRPAN board
February 2007
The World Bank

Acknowledgements: FANRPAN acknowledges the RIMISP website as the source of this report:


This report is a synthesis of discussions at the Civil Society Consultation on the World Development Report 2008 (WDR2008). Besides establishing the main objectives and methodology, the report focuses on the main discussion points, some cross-cutting themes and the discussion on the main messages of the WDR2008.

Rimisp-Latin American Center for Rural Development1 ( was asked to contribute to the preparation of the World Development Report 2008 (WDR2008) on ĎAgriculture for Developmentí. The editors of the WDR2008 and coordinators of its preparation are Derek Byerlee (World Bank) and Alain de Janvry (University of California at Berkeley). Rimisp has been asked to contribute to the preparation of several chapters, and it has done so through commissioning a number of documents available at, as well as through regular discussions within the WDR2008 core team. The International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada) has provided a grant to support the preparation of the WDR2008 and, in particular, the work allocated to Rimisp. As part of Rimispís contributions, a consultation with representative world wide civil society leaders with a stake in agriculture, rural development and natural resource management was organized in Toronto, Canada on 25 and 26 January 2007.2 The Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation (ICCO, The Netherlands) has joined IDRC in providing financial support to the WDR2008 Civil Society Consultation that is the subject of this report.

Participants at the meeting came from: Africa (8), Asia (7), Europe (1), Latin America (6), North America (2), International Organizations (6) and the World Development Report Team of the World Bank (4). In total 34 participants were at the meeting. It included 21 men and 13 women. It was comprised of NGO representatives (19), networks (5), farmer and member organizations (4), Universities (2) and international organizations (4). A list of participants is included in annex 1.

  1. Rimisp is a Latin American regional non-profit organization. Its goal is to promote organizational learning and innovation in public and private policies, projects and programs, in ways that advance social inclusion, equity, well-being and vibrant democracies in Latin American rural societies. To this end, it works in close collaboration with individuals and organizations, public and private, national and international, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.
  2. Rimispís contributions to the WDR2008 process are directed by Julio Berdeguť; the general coordination of the civil society consultation was the responsibility of Gilles Cliche; the preparation of this synthesis report was coordinated by Manuel Chiriboga. All are principal researchers at Rimisp.

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