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Announcement of opportunity: Ecosystems services and poverty alleviation research programme
1 January 2007 - 30 March 2007
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Announcement of opportunity

Challenges to the sustainable management of ecosystems to maximise poverty alleviation in Amazonia/Andes, semi-arid Africa, India & the Hindu Khush and China: four regional situation analyses.

The Natural Environment Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council and Department for International Development invite applications to perform situation analyses of the challenges to ecosystem services most important to the well being of the poor, and the information required by policy makers to address them, in the following four regions:

  1. Amazonia/Andes
  2. Semi-arid Africa
  3. India and the Hindu Khush
  4. China
The teams will have expertise in environmental science and appropriate social science disciplines. The consortia are likely to include scientists from the region, the UK and elsewhere and will be led by researchers from the region.

This call is open to researchers based in recognised higher education institutions, research organisations or organisations with a credible research capacity. Total funds expected to be available in connection with this call are approximately 1,000,000.

At this stage the three partners organisations (NERC, ESRC and DFID) are developing the concept of the programme. Final approval of the programme by DFID Ministers is pending. Financial support for the launch of the full programme, following the regional situation analyses, is dependent upon DFID Ministerial approval and the outcome of the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review.

Please see the Announcement of Opportunity document for full details of the call.

Please visit the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) website for more information:

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