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Input Voucher Study: Terms of Reference for Country Study Teams, Voucher Study (Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia)

This Study is Activity 2 (“Strengthening institutional capacity for policy research and engagement”) in the project funded by USAID and implemented by FANRPAN during the period 1 October 2006 to 30 September 2007 (see Attachment 1). It has two purposes: to identify whether (and how) input vouchers could be an effective mechanism for integrating the non-commercial and commercial input markets; and to demonstrate the value of policy research implemented as part of a full policy cycle (from research to analysis to advice to implementation).

The FANRPAN Secretariat had requested a proposal for leading this study from Dr. Julius Mangisoni, Bunda College, University of Malawi. Dr. Mangisoni produced a proposal which is Attachment 2 to this TOR. FANRPAN has appointed Dr. Mangisoni as the Leader and Coordinator of this Study.

These Terms of Reference are for the Country Study Teams in each of three countries: Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. The Country Study Teams will appoint a Project Leader, and are expected to cooperate closely with the FANRPAN Node Hosting Institution in the respective country (where the contracting institution is not the FANRPAN hosting institution). The Country Study Team will work closely with the overall Project Leader, Dr. Mangisoni, whose TOR is attached as Appendix 3.

The Study has several activities or components. The first activity is a literature review; this will be followed by a training workshop on the methodology to be used in the focused field research as well as on converting research results into policy analysis and advice. The next stage will be focused field research. Finally, before the end of the project period, there will be a workshop with policy makers and other stakeholders on the recommendations and outcomes of the project (separately funded and organized through the FANRPAN Hosting Node). It is expected, however, that from the beginning the Study Team will interact with policy makers and other stakeholders to inform them of the objectives of the study and seek their inputs and suggestions (“buy-in”).

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