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Report on the harmonisation, alignment and coordination of aid workshop
25 October 2006 - 27 October 2006


Aid alignment, harmonization, coordination and effectiveness still remain the major priority issues for the majority of developing countries struggling to ensure that they do their part in living up to the Rome and Paris Declarations of 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Much consultation has taken place among countries to provide more insight on how to tackle the problems faced in alignment, harmonization and coordination of aid as may be evidenced by the OECD work. The Tripartite Consultations on Harmonisation, Alignment and Aid Management Workshop held in Rwanda, Kigali, on the 6th and 7th of February, 2006, provided an opportunity for Zambia, Malawi and Rwanda to share experiences on the Harmonisation process. Several issues were raised and discussed during these consultations concerning progress made and hurdles faced on Aid Coordination Mechanisms, Aid Policies, National Development Plans and Joint Assistance Strategies.

As a follow up to such previous consultations, the Harmonisation, Alignment and Coordination of Aid Workshop was held in Livingstone, Zambia from 25th to 27th October, 2006.The aim of the workshop was basically share experiences within the six participating countries i.e. Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique and Kenya, on aid harmonization, alignment and coordination. The workshop provided an opportunity for the countries to share experiences by assessing the progress made and the problems faced, drawing from previous consultations.

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